An intimate 4 month experience to get you moving to a million PER year without sacrificing everything.

To you, sassy lady with big goals

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I see you, awesome lady...

I was once where you are

I understand what it’s like to be a great realtor who is successful,  but not know how to share your irresistible messaging that attracts & converts loyal clients at the next level.

This is why I’ve helped hundreds of women agents clarify their marketing & brand positioning, attract more people they love  working with, and double, triple, & quadruple  their income without cold calling or complicated lead gen tactics (& without working 18 hour days).

Just like these

Savvy clients

Michelle made $65,000

“Jan’s one of the first people who really believed in me & saw my value. She’s so full of support and love…I can’t say enough good things.”

Michelle DeCoteau- NY

Elisa closed $3M in
three months

“Jan taught me ‘failure is money in the bank’, which has given me permission to experiment and have fun with things that work & feel good to me.”

Elisa Cool Murphy – LA

Regina doubled her closings in just 3 months

“Jan’s ‘realness’ allowed me to discover me! I’m growing like I had only dreamed. She’s the best, period.”

Regina Parks- NJ

Once you've made $100k per year, making $300k, $500k, or $1M per year is within your reach.

Here's how we do it

You'll become a Category of ONE

After all, making money should upgrade your life….not run it into the ground.

Most realtors think
they've got to work 24/7
it's super complicated to make $250k+ per year!

That you need:

complicated email marketing sequences

to be braggy

to buy leads

You absolutely don't!

In fact, your business can explode by simplifying, not adding more to-dos. With clarity and focus, you’ll attract more fav clients who are loyal to you.

Fun, loyal clients you’d love to work with are everywhere and would love to jump into your client experience.

They can’t find you.

Joining The CEO Agent Mastermind gives you precisely what you need to become the savvy, sassy irresistible agent whose clients love her!

The Secret

We’re led to believe the top 1% have ‘the’ secret you HAVE to get in order to make hundreds of thousands per year.

That just isn’t true. 

Yes each market is oversaturated with agents, but you can stand out and dominate by embracing your value and showcasing your unique customer experience brimming with sincerity, compassion and simplicity. 

The residential real estate industry is among the most lucrative industries in the world with limitless income potential. 

I believe the opportunity for you to make
BIG money is as available to you as tap water

An intimate 4 month experienc
to get you moving to a million
PER year without sacrificing everything.

This is NOT your average mastermind

Everything you'll need to scale to $1M/yr

You’ll learn how to simplify & become irresistible to more + more local buyers, sellers & investors while preserving your precious energy and time.

Definitive heart-led irresistible messaging formula

We’re going to the heart to discover your marketing messaging so you can deeply connect with awesome people and convert them with ease.

Best practices to build your dream team & for scaling without a team of agents

You get to choose! To start to grow a team of agents or not… either way, you’ll have precisely what you need to make more income without sacrificing your soul.

Community leadership and fun for the win

We’re growing your income & profit with fun and sprinkling in dedication to your community.

No info overload, short practical videos

Just brief mighty videos with detailed, actionable steps to get you results.

Intimate & high-touch experience

Get ready for an experience with the level of intimacy and personalized attention you’ve wanted but couldn’t find. Plus, access to my highly experienced marketing expert.

You have time

With your busy life in mind, I’ve carefully designed this 4 months together to focus on action. You’ll have time to implement actions learned so you’ll never feel behind.

Unparalleled support and encouragement

You’ll walk away with EXACTLY what you came for.

What you'll get inside my


CEO agent mastermind

Plus these remarkable bonuses to help you FAST-TRACK YOUR RESULTS

Bonus ONE

2 Day In-Person Event. We spend two days together intentionally laying the foundation for everything you need to know to make multiple-6 -figures/year, deep coaching, and getting you mentally ready for six months of immersive application. (Value $2,500)

There’s a science for growth and part of that equation is surrounding yourself with excellence. Together in person, as we’re surrounded by like-minded savvy, sassy, successful agents we’ll map out your growth plan.

Bonus TWO

Confidence-Builder on Stilettos. This bonus course will help you overcome self-sabotage, stop judging yourself and reclaim your self worth. You’ll learn how to believe in & trust yourself. You’ll have new-found capacity to innovate & stand out as a leader in your market. You’ll be able to make more offers without feeling weird or second-guessing yourself – And that means more deals.. YESSSS! (Value $1,500)


Personalized marketing message coaching by my messaging expert to help you maximize your sales. Meet 1:1 Just you and she will focus 100% on you, your brand, and develop your unique message. She’s in your corner to make your marketing irresistible. Support at this level would cost thousands. (Value $10,000)

(Don’t forget, once your unique messaging is done, your facebook social media will be done for you for 8 weeks. Plus you’ll have a sustainable & natural follow-up system to convert big-time!)

Bonus FOUR

The ‘Make the Videos’ Challenge. Repeat after me: “People in my market are looking for me to help them. Therefore, I need to show up so they can find me!” YESSSS!!! That viewpoint is EVERYTHING to you becoming more successful & fully loving what you do each and every day! (Value $500)

Bonus FIVE

The ‘Listing Queen’ training. (Value $2,000)

Total Value


But your investment is just a fraction of that…

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Your questions answered!

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What's the Investment?

As Warren Buffett said, “The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.”
You get what you pay for.  And in  this high-level mastermind, you can expect to become an in-demand real estate agent who knows what to say, says it confidently and wakes up to messages from qualified people excited to work with you! You’ll convert clients on the spot.  And, you’ll get to enjoy  everything that comes with your new level of success.

Mastermind Investment: $12,500

You invest $12,500 and you make exponentially more over & over again. The investment will continue to pay you back for the rest of your career! Once you know how to create more money, you know how for life.

Coaching with me brings amazing results!

What's the Application Process?

When you click the pink APPLY button, you’ll be taken to a form to answer a few questions about you & your biz.

These questions will help me understand if you’re the right fit.

At the end of the application form you’ll be asked to pay a $500 refundable deposit.

When you’re selected to enter the mastermind, the deposit will go toward your mastermind fee.

If it’s not the right fit, the $500 will be refunded back to you.

We’re limited to 8 spots available… they WILL sell out.

Therefore, the best time to apply was yesterday, and the next best time is right now.

We Start November 2021

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