Simple Systems

3-Day Bootcamp

Thursday, December 8th-Saturday, December 10th


Day One:
Your Database Dialed In

Thursday, Dec 8 @ Noon ET- 3pm ET

Yep, we’re gettin’ it done ✅

First you’ll easily organize who you have, be sure you’re connected in the most vital ways with them. Everyone in one organized place.

Then you’ll design your communication plan.

And your path forward including how and when new people get in to your database, how to gather their complete info and how you’ll build trust a real estate authority!

Day TWO:
Your Client Experience Simple and Impressive

Friday, Dec 9 @ Noon ET- 3pm ET

You’ll create a Nordstrom-worthy experience with you

From prospect ➡️ client ➡️ under contract ➡️ closing ➡️ to forever

You’ll have your simple system done ✅ for your buyers and done ✅ for your sellers too

This system will be simple for you while providing unexpected delights for them. I show you how both are possible!

Your Lead Gen Locked In + Powerful

Saturday, Dec 10 @ 10am ET- 1pm ET

Now that we’ve nailed your beautifully simple and solid foundation, you’re actually ready for more people!!

You’ll learn the simple lead generation system that brings you predictable clients and closings

Simplifying is THE secret to your success!

After this 3-day bootcamp, you will:

✅ stop wasting time on all those pretty, shiny objects that don’t make a difference in your business (You already know that, right?)

✅ get to truly enjoy pouring into your fav people and feel natural doing it.

✅ won’t have pesky technology worries, tons of doubts or question marks ❓taking up space in your brain + time on your calendar anymore.

Instead, you’ll find your calendar freed up for you to focus on connecting with people. 💥 voila!

Your days are filled with people who see you as a local real estate authority they trust. Your business set up simply and efficiently. There’s nothing better than that!

These are the only 3 systems you need to make your first $100,000 (or your next $100,000+)

NO incessant hustle required— that’s no way to live!

Don’t miss this powerful bootcamp,

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