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A decade ago, I was a top realtor leading my elite team, making serious money. I was super proud of the team and business I had created. 
But even with all the success, I was still living the worker-bee life– doing all the things. My marriage was suffering because I worked ALOT. My life was continuously interrupted by ‘one more client call’ or I’d often say ‘just let me finish this one thing’. 

One day, I reached my breaking point. I knew I had to figure out how to become the CEO of my business, so I could live the CEO agent lifestyle of…

Making all the money AND enjoying all of my life too.

And I DID IT! 

I discovered the secret:

Simplify everything + systematize MY priorities. 

I leveled-up everything. I quickly gained control and put reasonable boundaries in place. I had designated work time + non-work time and honored both without pressure or guilt. I created a simple client experience that the team and I stuck to —a process that delighted our clients and we were delighted to give them. 

Our lead generation was simplified and systematized focused on 2 simple pillars with one focus each day. Connect with humans in a meaningful way.

My system worked beautifully for me and my team. That next year, my business flourished and I made just under a 7-figure income. I cracked the code and the pressure to ‘do all the things’ was gone forever.

I had time to enjoy family + friends, guilt-free.

I want this for you.

It's available inside the CEO Agent Academy

CEO Agent Academy will show you exactly how.

No “hustle”, “hurry up”, or “do all-the-things” req’d

The CEO Agent Academy will show you exactly how to level up your business so YOU can STOP doing all the things and START focusing on the few simple things that will truly grow your business. Making great money while loving your life and the people in it, becomes the lifestyle you get to enjoy.