It's time to stop trying to do

all the things.

Trying to do all the things will keep you spinning in overwhelm, suffering in fear + burnout, working all the time, even on vacation, with your business running you. That is NO way to liveno matter how much you’re making. 

You deserve to love the life you’re living (and the people in it), while helping great clients and making great money. 

And I can help you do that


The ONLY lifetime-access coaching
program for women realtors

A distinctly unique coaching program created exclusively for women realtors, brokers and team leaders looking for an unprecedented level of support from an expert who’s been there and who pours into you to help short cut YOUR path to CEO agent level success via a structure, system and sisterhood. This program is a simple, effective system to joyfully grow and nurture your audience and close more deals on the regular. And, great news… you get LIFETIME ACCESS!

You know what to do. 
It feels aligned with your heart and values. 
So you do it. 
You succeed. 

Yep, it’s THAT GOOD. 

It works

No hustle hurry up do all the things req'd

Your fears and anxieties about you and your business can be dismissed when you fully step into your CEO agent identity, which I’m going to help you do.

Ready to let the doubting go?
And let the CEO confidence come and stay? Yay.

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Meet Jan

A decade ago, I was a top realtor leading my elite team, making serious money. I was super proud of the team and business I had created. 
But even with all the success, I was still living the worker-bee life– doing all the things. My marriage was suffering because I worked ALOT. My life was continuously interrupted by ‘one more client call’ or I’d often say ‘just let me finish this one thing’. 

One day, I reached my breaking point. I knew I had to figure out how to become the CEO of my business, so I could live the CEO agent lifestyle of…

Making all the money AND enjoying all of my life too.

And I DID IT! 

I discovered the secret:

Simplify everything + systematize MY priorities. 

I leveled-up everything. I quickly gained control and put reasonable boundaries in place. I had designated work time + non-work time and honored both without pressure or guilt. I created a simple client experience that the team and I stuck to —a process that delighted our clients and we were delighted to give them. 

Our lead generation was simplified and systematized focused on 2 simple pillars with one focus each day. Connect with humans in a meaningful way.

My system worked beautifully for me and my team. That next year, my business flourished and I made just under a 7-figure income. I cracked the code and the pressure to ‘do all the things’ was gone forever.

I had time to enjoy family + friends, guilt-free.

I want this for you.

It's available inside the CEO Agent Academy

CEO Agent Academy will show you exactly how.

No “hustle”, “hurry up”, or “do all-the-things” req’d

The CEO Agent Academy will show you exactly how to level up your business so YOU can STOP doing all the things and START focusing on the few simple things that will truly grow your business. Making great money while loving your life and the people in it, becomes the lifestyle you get to enjoy.
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check out what these CEO Agents have to say...

"My business is booming! My business keeps getting better. I keep getting more confident."

Elisa Cool-Murphy

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"A game-changer for my business, my family and my lifestyle!"

Chloe Powell



About the AcademY

Simplicity rules your business and it starts inside the Academy with 4 straightforward, easy to implement modules designed to provide you with CONSISTENT and SUSTAINABLE success. Consistent growth and consistent income- no matter what your experience level is.

Module 1

Real Estate Mastery

As the CEO, you need to know your market’s stats as well as your own. I teach you which 3 SIMPLE stats are the most important to keep your eye on, how to find them and how to use them to stand out as a real estate leader and authority. Don’t worry, it’s easy (and super powerful too). You’ll get noticed, become known and trusted.

Buyers and sellers must TRUST you in order to choose you as their realtor. And trust comes easy when you show up with market expertise. You’ll know your market like you’ve never known it before. Your confidence and competence will be obvious and you’ll attract qualified, motivated buyers and sellers to you as a result– like clockwork.

Module 2

Lead Generation and Sales Mastery

You thought the goal was to show like up everyone else. OR, you’ve felt pressure to look like the social-media-famous realtors. NO freakin way. 
You are unique and your most successful business will come when you design your business brand around you and what YOU like. You’ll nail your brand, which we call BRAND YOU, right away. 
You will learn the SIMPLE steps to transform your ability (and desire) to market your highly valuable service to those who will become your favorite clients. You’ll attract clients who follow your lead and delight in your upleveled client experience. And you’ll delight in giving it to them.
You’ll have your SIMPLE, customized Visibility Plan so you’ll know exactly what to do each day you’re working. You’ll also have monthly themes selected so you’ll never wonder what to post or send out in an email, ever.
You’ll master the SIMPLE listing presentations and buyer consults and as a result, convert more and more prospects to become your clients. You’ll be able to give your sellers and buyers a highly personal seller and buyer experience. Powerful negotiation and problem-solving solutions will be in your back pocket too. 
Your deals will get to the closing table smoother and your clients will thank you many times over with referrals and repeat business because of your concierge-level service. It’s all waiting for you inside the Academy.

Module 3

Systems Mastery

Systems sounds so overwhelming, but inside the Academy, I break it down into SIMPLE, doable steps. And once these 3 SIMPLE systems are in place, your clients, closings and cash increase exponentially. It’s awesome!

This is your ultimate business tool. This is seriously your ticket to freedom and leverage of your time, money and energy.  You learn the SIMPLE data points to capture for each person and the best tags to use to organize your people for ease of communication.  I teach you exactly how to get the data and what to do with it and when in order to be the one they call when they or their friend need to make a move. Yes, it’s about being top of mind. And your Visibility Plan is partly enacted by this database system. Inside the Academy everything works beautifully and simply together. 

Yup, we systematize your lead gen, but NOT in the robotic way you’ve heard about. Your people are important to you and the way I teach you to attract and convert them comes from a place of serving, not selling. We practice the logic and psychology of everything you say to ensure what you say brings your people to trust and choose you to represent them. 

With the CEO Agent method, your clients will feel special, cared for and super lucky to have you as their realtor. I lay out the SIMPLE client journey taking into account, what they’re thinking and feeling at every step through the buying or selling process. And you communicate proactively with them, leading them from a place of leadership.  You delight in giving them your WOW client experience almost as much as they delight in receiving it. 

Module 4

Mindset Mastery

When you learn the critical SIMPLE mindset shifts that lead you to go all-in, everything changes. Inside the Academy, you learn why you’ve been self sabotaging and more importantly how to stop being a mean girl to yourself and how to trust yourself.
You’ll learn how to start your day with intention and focus which will enable you to do the things that bring you to your goals
You’ll rewire your brain to think, feel and act like a CEO rather than a worker bee. Talk about super effective days… get ready to have lots of them.
You’ll know what to do when life happens, interrupting your day’s plans. These life circumstances will no longer stop you. 
You’re ONE new thought away from creating the business of your dreams and hitting your goals. 
Let’s do this.
I help you lose self doubt and self sabotage so you can go on with the rest of your life making money serving your clients well and enjoying your life.

Inside the Academy You Get:

Lifetime access to the Academy assets...


Each week you have the opportunity to get on a LIVE call with Jan and your peers to get coaching on blocks, fears and frustrations you're experiencing in your business. You also benefit by watching your peers get coached on the same struggles you have. All calls are recorded and available for you inside the member portal.


A private community on Facebook. Ask your questions, get and give referrals, get 24/7 support, feedback, and celebrate your wins. You also can post your questions and get answers from the coach! This is a safe community where we encourage each other and grow together. It Is an audience of people who take their business as seriously as you do.


You have access to a member library filled with all recorded coaching calls, video trainings, and easily editable canva templates including: your listing presentation, listing intake, listing checklist, seller client experience, flyer templates, prelisting checklist, showing checklist, sellers guide, your buyer consult presentation buyer intake, buyer checklist, buyer client experience, buyers guide. Everything you need in one convenient place.


Listen to the CEO Agent live coaching calls on the go with the CEO Agent Life podcast!

Join the Academy!

Join the Academy to get access to these 3 bonuses:

BONUS 1) Make the Videos Challenge – Guaranteed to get you into action with greater ease making, posting and emailing videos.

BONUS 2) 60 Day CEO Live  – With Jan’s daily 15-minute live sessions starting January 2, 2024, you’ll be able to jump start your approach to building your CEO Agent life by knowing exactly what to focus on each day.

BONUS 3) Facebook Group Accelerator– Exact how-tos of starting and serving within your facebook group of local people. (Including a bonus Content Calendar)



5 monthly payments of $500


1 payment of $2,500


4 Monthly Payments of $500


1 payment of $2,000

My Clients get Results!  

(and you will too...)


This program was carefully crafted to give you all the tools and coaching you could ever need to build your successful business.  

Your success is entirely based on your commitment to the process and the willingness to do the work. Get coaching. Use the tools. Show up consistently and you WILL get results. 

If you have a history of “not showing up for yourself”- the lifetime access gives you the grace to not judge yourself and get back in the game- anytime you want.

Many report having breakthroughs and getting results after watching the recorded calls. 

We record all calls and store them in your member portal to watch on your own time. Some of our successful graduates never received live coaching for themselves but have implemented from watching others get coaching. 

The longer you wait, the longer you are waiting to make money.  The longer you are waiting to build a business that gives you freedom in your life. The longer you are putting off your success.

Waiting doesn’t mean you’ll figure it out eventually. Waiting means you stay stuck exactly where you are now.

STOP waiting. It will take you longer, and take more of your energy and resources if you don’t start now.

You can email me at with any additional questions.