Hi, I'm Jan!

Visionary Coach & Mentor for Women
Agents & Brokers

The best coach I know in the country. Forbes named ‘Richest Self-Made Woman in Real Estate’, CEO of Douglas Elliman Real Estate & Eye On Real Estate podcast host. 

Dottie Herman's Eye On Real Estate podcast

Hi, I'm Jan!

Visionary Coach & Mentor for Women
Agents & Brokers

The best coach I know
in the country.
Dottie Herman,
CEO of Douglas Eliman Real Estate
& Host of The Eye on Real Estate Podcast

Dottie Herman's Eye On Real Estate podcast

Hi, I'm Jan!

Visionary Coach & Mentor for Women Agents & Brokers

The best coach I know
in the country.

Dottie Herman,
CEO of Douglas Eliman Real Estate & Host of The Eye on Real Estate Podcast

Dottie Herman's Eye On Real Estate podcast

Who I Am

I’m a Philly girl from humble beginnings who had a gut feeling I was destined for something great. I’ve been described as unconventional, a ‘do-it-my-own-way’ kind of gal. After college, I joined the booming telecom industry and consistently earned top salesperson awards (in spite of a brief, bad marriage and being a single mom)… rose the corporate ladder into sales management and after a successful, lucrative 12 year career, left the industry while I was the Sr Sales & Marketing Director of the NE Region of AT&T Wireless so I could move out of state to marry my husband, who I met on an internet dating site back in 1999. (Told you I was unconventional)
I’m married to my handsome hubby for 20 years and you’ll usually find us either doing something fun with our absolutely amazing granddaughters, taking long walks chatting away or watching episodes of The Office (don’tcha just love that crazy show?). While our kids are grown, they’re still our world including our oldest, who has the sweetest hubby and is the mom of those grandbabies and who recently got her real estate license (& is one of my fav clients), our middle, who is quickly becoming an expert at the stock market and is tops in his field of personal training, and our youngest, who recently got his real estate license… I’m sooo excited!


You can have the successful biz you want & have a personal life too!

How I Became a Coach

Having the #1 Team at the #1 Brokerage in town meant that others were not only begging to be on my team, I was constantly asked to be their mentor & coach. So, because I always had a special place in my heart for women, I began coaching part-time with a select number of women agents. 
They began to flourish and not just in their businesses, but with their family life too. You see, I had been a workaholic before, and I knew the only place that gets you is very lonely and guilt-ridden. So, the strategies I shared allowed them to set up their lives to their definition of successnot what the world says or what others think. They were free for the first time in their lives to define their business & and personal goals through my system. They finally learned how to manage their calendar, rather than letting their calendar and unnecessary “obligations” run them. Their lives completely changed! Their smile came back to their beautiful faces. And I was thrilled to be a part of their total transformation!   
My coaching was sooo different from everything these ladies had ever been taught. No cold calling or door knocking necessary. My strategies and path to success completely empowered them as women, gave them a framework to follow and hope that they could be the successful agent they dreamed of being! 
Jan Copeland with Dottie Herman, Tracy Tutor & Gina Dickerson

Out to dinner w Dottie Herman, Tracy Tutor
& Gina Dickerson

Jan Copeland real estate coach for women
So they went bold in branding their uniqueness— many of whom never knew how they were unique before coaching with me. They finally understood the power of being strategic, of proactively choosing their perfect client and narrowing their marketing, rather than trying to do it all. Some called it revolutionary, I simply knew it was the path to living an amazing life as a real estate agent! 
Overwhelm and procrastination lessened and lessened. These agents were no longer wasting their precious time with lookie-loo time wasters. Instead, their confidence soared and their pipeline was full of clients and prospects they were actually excited to work with. And guess what else? These awesome ladies had time for a personal life they could enjoy with zero guilt…an amazing business and an awesome home life.  Bottomline- they started loving life again!
After so much success in sharing my proven strategies with local agents, I decided it was time to shift my business from being a top real estate agent focused on helping clients buy and sell homes, to being a top visionary coach, working exclusively with women agents and brokers, helping them succeed big time– in business and life.
I pinch myself every morning that this is my real life. Guiding thousands of women agents & brokers to living their best life with a successful business is a blessing that I thank God for each and every day!
Lori Patch, Real Estate Agent
‘It feels so great to have a game plan and finally feel like I’m in control of my business. I am so grateful I joined the Group Coaching. It’s awesome to be closing deal after deal, unlike last year. Thanks so much, Jan!’

Lori Patch - Maple Valley, WA


I’d love to work with you! I also offer one-on-one coaching & twice per year, I offer group coaching. Or, if you prefer learning online, check out my Savvy Agent™ Program and my Virtual Listing Intensive™ Program for women real estate agents ready to see real results. Let’s chat and figure out what’s best for you!


You’re ready to take your real estate career seriously & make the money you dream of, I’d love to work with you. 

You’re committed to creating a life you love with an emphasis on harmonizing career with personal life, I’m here to show you the way. 

Real estate is your jam or you’d love it to bethen I’d love to work with you. 

You wanna put a little more life in your day, then let’s work together!

Kristen Lucas-Martinez realtor in Atlanta, GA

‘I’ve been a go-getter my entire life and when I signed up for your Listing Intensive a year ago, I wasn’t sure I’d learn anything. Wow, was I surprised at how much I learned! Since January, I’ve taken 25 listings and it’s only October! (YAYY!) I was so impressed, I signed up for coaching and again your perspective on lead gen, your systems and most importantly your focus on creating my brand to be 100% unapologetically and authentically me were so spot on. Yes, this business is crazy sometimes, but I love every minute because I’m doing ‘me’ every day and my pipeline is full. Thank you so much, Jan!’

Kristen Martinez - Atlanta, GA

My Secret Sauce

Confession: In spite of having been raised by a chronically depressed Momma, I’ve always had the gift of seeing the bright side of things and my heart wants to ensure every woman real estate agent truly lives a full life and has a successful business in spite of the dreaded ‘f’ word- fear! I’m consistently spending my free time taking classes on women empowerment, psychology and the very latest pioneering marketing strategies from today’s leading experts. As an agent, I led the pack with innovative strategies and was named to the Top 100 Influential Real Estate Agents list two years in a row. I continue to remain on the cutting edge of what truly works.

My current clients love that I bring innovative strategy specifically tailored to women, in a way that keeps it fun and simple.  While making tons of money is great, my coaching helps agents & brokers achieve a well rounded prosperous life filled with more time for personal things, less stress and the great income is the icing on the cake.

I’ll never tell you to “work more hours”, “pound those phones” or “knock on doors”. Today’s marketing calls for a system that most other coaches simply aren’t talking about and I’m here to give it to you in a way you’ve never heard it before.

One More Thing...

You don’t need that “new” ‘must-have‘ product or service to be a happy, thriving, successful real estate agent. You’ve been overwhelmed with all these so-called experts who tell you what to think, who have the secret to making a ton of money. In actuality, those things are taking all the joy out of your business, not to mention your life. There is an alternative to all the noise, confusion and overwhelm.  

I believe I was put on this earth to help women truly discover and live a rich life, rather than merely existing, going through the motions. I believe life is what you make it. I believe that with sincere desire and dedication, you can be, have or do anything you truly want. I believe life is a gift to be lived out authentically and unapologetically you and when you give yourself permission to do so, life becomes absolutely amazing.  I believe the world is missing something when we don’t play to our strengths, when we put too much emphasis on what others think or what others may expect from us. I’ve made it my mission to help women realize their value and embrace their uniqueness to their advantage, to take responsibility for every minute and enjoyyyy it all, from the mundane tasks you hate, to the highest pinnacle of success and everything in between.  It’s all brought you to right now… whatever season of life you’re in. There’s a full, rich life waiting for you to grab and enjoy… It’s in simplifying. It’s in discovering you, maybe for the first time.  It’s for you.  No more chaos, no more second-guessing your way thru life. Live life out loud. Excited to get up each day.  Let’s do this! 

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